Welcome to the traditional workshop of Marisa Ortega

Marisa Ortega is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the tailoring sector, custom garment fitting and usage of high quality fabric, embroidery and accessories; being uniform for bands our specialty. We work with our own designs and with the designs given by our clients, advising them with the best options to make a unique uniform.

We offer as well all accessories related to uniforms: caps, plumes, helmets, galas, cords, embroidery, epaulets, buckles, emblems, belts, sashes, buttons, etc.

We also work with "Religious Tailoring" for brotherhoods: dalmáticas, ropones de pertigueros, albas, roquetes, etc.


Before 1995 we were tailors for "Compañía de Danza de Mario Maya" and for "Compañía de Danza Andaluza". We began to make uniforms for bands, tailoring the uniform for the "Hermandad de la Paz" from Seville. Since then we haven't stopped making uniforms for bands from all over Spain. This big experience is supported by our clients.